Xmulator is a listener-based simulation framework for interconnection networks, sensor networks, queuing networks in C#.

This flexible, easy to extend, fully object-oriented, and multi-layered simulator can provide researchers with a great assistant. It is easy to attach newly designed components to the current models and to exploit detailed results.

The software is developed mainly by Abbas Nayebi (http://nayebi.org) as a tool for his research during his PhD on computer architecture at Sharif University of Technology (2004-2009) supervised by Dr. Hamid Sarbazi-Azad. Several students participated on development of different packages: Arash Tavakkol, Arash Shamaei, Sina Meraji, Amin Dehesh, Arian Khosravi, and Mohammad-Reza Rahimi.

An introduction to the wireless network package is provided here.
A video introduction to the interconnection package in Persian is provided here part1 and part2.
Some UML diagrams of the software is here.

The following paper reviews Xmulator briefly:

A. Nayebi, S. Meraji, A. Shamaei, H. Sarbazi-Azad, "Xmulator: A listener-based integrated simulation platform for interconnection networks," Proceedings of Asian Modelling Symposium (AMS2007), IEEE Press, 2007

To receive the package please contact us: info at xmulator.com

Note: In order to use the package you have to be handy with C#. Indeed, this simulation framework is composed of several C# projects which you need to modify for your purpose.